ReThinking Church.

From the Re:Think Series

When I was a kid, I had a neighbor across the street, a lady close to 100 years old that literally had seen everything from horse and buggies to the space shuttle in her life. She had witnessed the transformation of the world! As amazing as that sounds however, more information has been genereated in the last three decades than in the past 5,000 years. A single edition of the New York Times includes more information than the average person what lived in the 17th Century England encountered over the course of his or her lifetime!

These rapid changes have incredible implications on all of our institutions, our lives, and even our churches.

At Two Rivers the past two weeks, we have been taking an honest look at some of those changes. We are ReThinking structure and strategy because these two elements have become absolutely necessary not only to prosper but also to even survive as a church!

For example, take a look at some statistics on the current state of the church from a survey taken by the National Church Planting Network. They asked the question:

Here are the responses they received.

74% No value in attending.
61% Churches have too many problems.
48% Do not have the time.
42% Simply not interested.
36% Church services are usually boring.
34% Christian churches hold no relevance for the way I live.
12% I do not believe in God, or unsure God exists.

That study shows us that most people, who do not go to church, did not attend for specific reasons. Their problem isn’t with Christian theology, it’s with how we have done church and continue to do church.

This past Sunday, we looked at today’s culture vs. the culture of earlier decades. We took an honest look at our current methods and had to admit that we are still using the same methods for reaching the lost that we used in say, the 1960’s. Today’s culture is much different We talked about the fact that they aren’t as familiar, or comfortable with the church, or the Gospel as were folks from earlier years. The people who need to gospel today are much farther away.

Even the Apostle Paul dealt with this when he was trying to reach the Greeks. You can visit Acts 17 for the story. But in dealing with the intellectuals of that era, he had to find a unique way to reach them. The sermon on Mars Hill is a great example of just that.

It’s a larger leap for people today. Embracing the Gospel requires more of a process for them than it did for those in the 1900s. We need to be aware of this shift in our culture and be ready and willing to assist in that process. That means beginning to find ways to reach out to them, draw them in and walk with them.

Sound interesting? Join us as we continue to RE:THINK the purpose of the church.

Sunday morning 9:45 or 11:10 am.

Serving Alongside,


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