20 Days of Fasting & Prayer, Day 2.

Day 2- Christianity is Born.
READ: Acts 2: 2-4, 6, 12-13, 38, 41-47

In chapter 2 the Holy Spirit makes a pretty dramatic, and official, entrance. And, with that power of the Holy Spirit and prayer the disciples now begin the task of accomplishing what Christ had earlier instructed them to do: reach the world. 120 believers were gathered to celebrate a Jewish harvest festival. When they did, the Holy Spirit showed up in a very big way with thousands being saved in one day. Jews from as far away as Iran, Iraq, and North Africa had been in town for the feast and now were catching a front row seat at this spectacle. Unfortunately, those in attendance didn’t realize it was the presence of the Holy Spirit they were experiencing, they just thought the disciples were drunk! When they realized however, that they were hearing the Gospel in their own languages, 3,000 men repented, were saved, and joined the Church! Christianity had a very big day.

How Does that apply to me?
As we at Two Rivers begin our new journey, we should pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit and then expect great things too. People will begin to see and hear about what the Lord is doing in our midst. When that happens it should come as no surprise to us-even when the circumstances or situations seem odd! God has the power to do more than we could ever think or imagine. Let’s be willing to Re:Think the power of the Holy Spirit and what He can, and will, do for His church and through us!

Acts 2:47 And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved.

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