20 Days of Fasting & Prayer, Day 5

DAY 5 – Racial Tension in the church.
READ: Acts 6:1-7

The 12 Apostles were not only preaching and teaching, they were also in charge of all administration and the ministerial programs of the church! It was just too much. They were doing lots of things, and not doing all of them well. And it was starting to show. As we see in today’s reading, the Greek church members were claiming that Hebrew widows were getting preferential treatment in the food program! “The 12” solved the problem by telling the congregation to choose seven men that everyone fully trusted. The criteria? They had to be men full of the Holy Spirit and good sense. Those men would be selected, and assigned, to solve the problem and to work the distribution program. Meanwhile, the original 12 stuck to their assigned tasks-that of prayer and teaching God’s Word.

How does that apply to me?
We need to be willing to take a look at what we are doing as a church and say, “Who needs to be doing what and just how should it work?” We need to step back and focus on what we as a body of believers are called to do–and then do it well. When we’re stretched too thin, things can fall through the cracks, misunderstandings can happen and feelings get hurt. Chapter 6 also shows us that cultural tensions aren’t new. They were even found in the new church and in one of the first church outreach programs. Once again, however, internal dissension and grumblings didn’t stop the message of the Gospel or the growth of the early church. When we experience similar tensions, we shouldn’t let them deter us from the present mission.
For those of you new to the Two Rivers family, our mission statement is this: Doing whatever it takes to develop committed followers of Jesus Christ. That’s what we’re here for, and that’s what it’s all about. Together, we’re learning what that looks like and what it all means. See you Sunday!

Acts 6:7 The Word of God prospered. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased dramatically. Not least, a great many priests submitted themselves to the faith.

Praying Together: Let’s ask the Lord to show each of us where He would have us best use our gifts, and serve, as we continue in our new mission.

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