A Prayer for You to Memorize.

Yesterday, we celebrated week #2 together at The Fellowship at Two Rivers. If you were able to join us, you know that we are talking about GRACE. The undeserved kind that only can come from God.  We talked about the fact that before Christ, we lived in bondage to sin. But, with Christ, we are NOT slaves to sin. Dead to sin = Alive in Christ! We are free from sin. We don’t have to live there. This is God’s Grace and it not only saves us, but frees us, from the power of sin in our lives!

At the end of the sermon, I mentioned there is a prayer I am trying to memorize and live everyday. It’s based on GRACE, and I wanted to be sure to share it with you here.

Jesus, you are my Lord and Savior and I am your child – free and depending on your power.

Christ, this is your day, to be lived for your glory.

Work through my eyes, my mouth, and through my thoughts and actions to carry out your victory.

And Lord,  do that all day long.  When I face temptations, I will present myself to you and claim the strength you give to handle it.

Sin has no authority over me any longer!

Let’s remember today that Jesus Christ, paid the ultimate price to overthrow slavery once and for all. As believers we no longer live in bondage. Let’s rejoice and live in that blessing.

Serving Alongside,


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