Be Prepared.

Not a lot is known about Jesus and His whereabouts on Wednesday during his final week on the earth. We do know, however, that He spent much time in His final days teaching and preparing His disciples for the future. He spent quite a bit of time preaching on things to come. Today’s devotional is by Stuart Briscoe and focuses on this topic.

Matthew 25:13 NLT

“So stay awake and be prepared, because you do not know the day or hour of my return.”

Every generation of Christians has expected Christ to return in their lifetime. And they have had one thing in common: They have all been wrong…

Supposing Jesus had said, “I’ll give you three millennia to evangelize the world, and then, on January 1, A.D. 3001, I will return at precisely 9:00 GMT.” What would the promise of His return have meant to generations of believers who lived in the preceding centuries? In the midst of their sufferings, exiles, and martyrdom, what comfort would they have derived from His promise, knowing that He would not come soon? And what would have been the effect on the church if they had known that they still had a little time to do what they wanted to do before getting around to doing what He had told them to do? Where would have been the sense of urgency, the challenge to holiness, and the keen sense of tip-toe anticipation?

Jesus’ point was that all His disciples should be living in a sense of anticipation, actively on the job, working hard to bring about the consummation of his purposes and living consistent lives so they would not be ashamed at His coming.
Stuart Briscoe
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