What Have We Learned From 9/11?

Yesterday morning (9/11), I watched the sun rise over New York City from the plane I was on returning from Israel. As we flew over the Statue of Liberty, and I looked upon where the World Trade Center building once stood, the question I asked myself was, “Did we learn anything from 9/11?” Now I’m not talking about national security or airport safety, I’m talking about spiritually? Remember the Sunday after 9/11 we had record church attendance across our land. People were scared, confused and looking to God for strength and comfort. But did it change us for the better? Are we closer to God today than we were then? Do we have a greater passion for the gospel knowing from experience that there is not a guarantee of tomorrow?

Some said 9/11 was a wakeup call for our land. If it was did we listen? Just some things I am pondering. What are your thoughts?

One thought on “What Have We Learned From 9/11?

  1. Those of us that love our God with all our hearts, mind and body was comforted by his grace. Those that only seek God when it is convient for them failed again to turn back to him and be obedient. Americas was founded on God and has seperated themselves from him. I dont think we have learned as much as we should have. God please forgive us.

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