Don’t Blame Me!

Have you ever met a happy irresponsible person? This week at The Fellowship we started a new series called Taking Responsibility for Your Life. This past Sunday we talked about “Blame Games”. We took a look at what it really means to be responsible and learned a bit more about what responsibility isn’t. Watch it here!

If you weren’t able to join us, I also gave some homework:

1. Listen to your blame.

The conversations you even have with yourself. The justifications that lead to irresponsibility. Ask the question: Am I taking responsibility for my life…really? Listen for the blame. For others, for yourself. Irresponsibility means someone else has to come along and shoulder the responsibility. If I refuse to take care of myself, the reality is someone else will have to take care of me and clean up after me. Someone will ultimately have to be responsible for me and carry my load.

2. What’s my slice of the pie?

Wherever there is relational conflict ask yourself: What is my responsibility in this equation?

Remember, God created us to be responsible. And when we own our responsibility we tend to be more fulfilled and happy.

Try it out this week and, on Sunday, let me know how it went. Worship begins at 10:45 am. See you there!

Serving Alongside,


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