What Does it Mean to Be “Clean”?

My wife Becky and I recently wrapped up what is called The 24-Day Challenge. During that time, I couldn’t have coffee. If you know me, that’s like not putting gas in the tank of my car.
Well, ok. Not that bad. But it sure felt like it. It took a lot of discipline and commitment to eat right, take the supplements and other items necessary to cleanse the body and get us going on the right track.

Lately, you may have become familiar with a new term out there: Eating Clean. Basically, it means avoiding processed foods, sodas, etc. Eating clean means eating what they call “whole”, or “natural” foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates. It also means staying away from foods that include man-made sugar, hydrogenated, trans-fat, preservatives, white bread, etc. An easy way to remember it is this: “if man made it, don’t eat it.”

I got to thinking, we live in a culture today that teaches: if man says it, you can believe it. It’s harder to put our faith in a God we can’t always see. But the point really goes deeper than that. What if we were as disciplined in our daily lives to live “clean” for Him—our Lord and Savior. In other words, what if we really committed to live our lives with such deep devotion and love for the God that made us, we simply found ourselves living “clean”?

If anyone knows what is truly best for us, it’s our Creator.

As we go into the weekend, whether eating out or maybe meeting for coffee with friends, let’s take those moments to think about what living “clean” might mean for each of us in our own personal lives.

Serving Alongside,


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