Why Join a Church?

Many of you have heard us talk about Starting Point. It’s a one-time class held quarterly that talks about our church and offers people a chance to get to know us, ask questions and consider membership.

Membership in a church really isn’t found anywhere in Scripture. That is, if you are looking for a join-the-club type of scenario. However, when it comes to church we really do need to think through our place. Where we spend our time, energy and resources is something that needs special consideration. Visiting a church and attending are not the same thing. Neither is going to church and joining one. Being a ministry partner with the church you choose is even more critical.
We’ll discuss what being a ministry partner looks like and exactly what it means in Starting Point…which just so happens to be this Sunday morning, May 20, at 9:15 a.m.. I hope you’ll join us. Sign up online at thefellowship.cc/startingpoint. Or call Sonja in our church office and tell her you’d like to come. (889.3950). See you there!

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