Busting the Marriage Myths.

Many of you may be familiar with the Discovery Channel TV show, Mythbusters. The Mythbusters team take popular myths and use scientific method along with their own nerdiness to see if the “myths” hold up.

Today there are a lot of myths out there about marriage. Some are: The Happily Ever-After Myth, the Love at First Sight Myth and the Perfect Mate Myth. We took a look at these and a few others this past Sunday at The Fellowship. We’re continuing our Family Ties series, where we’re using God’s testing method, The Bible, to see if these myths are true or false.
Check out here to see what we found out!

Come be a part of our worship experience at The Fellowship this Sunday at either our Mt. Juliet or Two Rivers Campus. Click here for directions and times.
See you there!

Myths of the Modern Marriage from The Fellowship on Vimeo.

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