Guilt by Association

It is official.  The sometimes undercover lack of tolerance for Christians is officially out in the open.  The recent story about Tim Tebow speaking at First Baptist Dallas is enough proof.  It was such a significant topic that it was part of the Sports Talk Radio scene here in Memphis.

Here is the what all the fuss is about.  The Pastor of First Dallas has stood up on some biblical issues, dealing with homosexuality.  He said it was a sin.  He has also spoken out about Islam, Mohammed and Mormonism, saying it was a cult.  So an American Pastor has given public statements based on his beliefs and what he believes the bible says, and now Tim Tebow is a homophobe and closed minded if he is invited to speak to the church, not to speak on these issues mind you… but rather his faith in Christ?

We have gone from the person making the statements being slammed, bad enough, to those who just have any association (…Tebow does not attend church there, nor has he publically spoken on any of the topics mentioned above) with the group or person being torched as well.

Gone are the days of speaking the truth or even having the freedom to have differing ideas.  We now live in a culture where any stance on truth will be met with venom. 

So be prepared.  While we desire to be full of grace and truth like Jesus was (John 1), I’m not sure the culture is down with the truth side of the equation anymore. 

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