Do You Know Your Story?

Every Christian in the midst of conversation with those who are far away from God should know their story. This is what Christ did in your life, your “testimony”. As I was thinking through this, I came up with a few thoughts that all of us can use to frame our story, allowing for easy communication. Here they are.

  • Your Past: You before Christ
  • Catalyst: Something or someone that made you realize your need for Jesus
  • Surrender: I’m not my own, I was bought with a price, Jesus is Lord
  • Transformation: New Creation, Jesus changed my life. How am I different?
  • Today: What is Jesus doing in my life today? (this is important because if Jesus didn’t make a lasting impact on your life, why do I want what you have?)

Challenge for Today: Be a catalyst for someone else coming to Christ!

One thought on “Do You Know Your Story?

  1. Matt, Good blog. Timely. I just preached a sermon yesterday titled ” Sharing your God story”. Some of your points were identical to mine.

    I agree, we Christians need to know our story and learn to share it.

    Thanks, Matt.

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