What We Learn From David And Goliath

Read 1 Samuel 17 and you will see one of the most amazing stories of overcoming.  You have a lame duck king, a fearful nation and a boy who is hacked off at a giant!  You know how the story goes – David is the underdog – the odds are stacked against him.  Everyone is scared of Goliath.  He’s 9 ft 9 inches tall and a beast of a warrior.  He taunts the nation of Israel and their God.  David has had enough.  You know how the story goes.  But here are a few principles you may have never considered that we can learn and I pray they encourage you today!

  1.  We Are Saul and His Army in This Story, Not David

There was an enemy that could not be overcome.  The people tried in vain and were going nowhere.  God had to send a savior, a rescuer.  That was David for the Israelites and for us its Jesus, the ultimate Recuer and Savior.  We have an enemy that we can’t overcome, giants in our life, so God sent Jesus to gain victory.

              2.   We Don’t Fight For Victory, We Fight From Victory

Just like David’s victory encouraged the army of Israel to be strong and take back the land the Philistines had taken from them, Jesus victory over sin and death should encourage us in the battle we face daily because He has already won!

    3.  The Same God Who Fought For Them, Fights For Us!

We overcome because He overcame!  Be encouraged today if you are a child of God.  The giants have been defeated.  We walk in victory because of what Christ has done!

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