Greater Comfort or Great Commission?

There are 2 “greats” at battle in most churches today.  One is greater comfort, the other is the Great Commission.  I would like to look at the affects and impacts of both.

The Great Commission:  Matt 28:19-20

  • Impacts people’s eternity
  • Grows God’s Kingdom
  • Is “others” focused
  • Is a mandate from God’s Word
  • Helps people mature in their faith
  • Grows the Church of Jesus Christ

Greater Comfort:

  • Has a negative impact on people’s eternity
  • Negatively impacts the Kingdom
  • Is “me” focused
  • Is contrary to God’s Word
  • Negatively impacts people’s faith
  • Negatively impacts the growth of the Church of Jesus Christ

Unfortunately, in the battle of “great”, greater comfort is winning and the affects on the American church is devastating.  Let’s pray and ask God to change our hearts to align with His.  In the battle of “greats”, the Great Commission should always win!


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