Are You Knowin’ Where Your Money’s Goin’?

This week at The Fellowship we started a new series called Balanced.

We talked about gaining and maintaining financial responsibility. Our focus was on what that really looks like and how to attain it!

We also learned that when our finances are out of control it affects every area of our lives.

If you hadn’t heard, I handed out homework this week, too.

And I wasn’t kidding! My challenge to you was to print off the sheet and keep track of everything, yes, I said EVERYTHING, that you spend this week.

You can find the downloadable worksheets on our website.

If you weren’t able to join us, we have the whole thing here on video. You can even see my new “money” prop.

Join us this week as we learn to be Balanced!

See you on Sunday.

Serving Alongside,


One thought on “Are You Knowin’ Where Your Money’s Goin’?

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