What are Your Expectations for 2012?

Here we are in 2012 and I hope you are entering this new year with high expectations of what God can do in you and through you. Here is a great list of ways to be engaged and growing in 2012:

1. Be in God’s Word.
Plain and simple, apart from this you cannot grow. Pick a great reading plan, many are available online for free (YouVersion.com and the YouVersion app are great tools for this) and stick to it!

2. Join a Life Group.
At The Fellowship, LIFEgroups are where relationships are formed and connection really takes place. To really feel a part of this body, you need to be in a small group!

3. Find a Ministry.
Use the Spiritual gifts that God has given you to help build His church and to fulfill His plan for your life. We want every Ministry Partner (member) at The Fellowship to serve. Get out of the stands and into the game!

4. Come to Church.
Lets be honest, if you’re not here, its easy to drift away from God. Attendance isn’t about being legalistic (e.g., if you don’t go to church you will go to hell!), it’s about growing and being a part of the body. We become better and stronger when we’re together. We are encouraged and re-energized when we worship together.

This list of course isn’t exhaustive, but it will go a long way toward helping us accomplish our goals of becoming more like Christ in 2012.

Serving Alongside,


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