Wake Up!

This past Sunday we started a new series we are calling The Acts Effect. In this series, we will be looking at the launch of the New Testament church and the ways that God worked through His people to carry out His mission. One of the big aquestions I am asking our church is, “What is your part in the story?” If you missed this past week, I encouraged our people to join me in praying the following: God, awaken our hearts so that we obey Your Spirit and Surrender to Your Mission.

We focused Sunday on God Awakening our Hearts. Part of how this happens is when we have a right understanding of Christ Jesus. Three things to consider about Jesus that may sound “Sunday Schoolish”, but the reality is that these three things are life-changing!

1. He is our Risen Savior

2. He is our Exalted Lord

3. He is our Coming King

Check out the message from this past Sunday if you missed it here:

Don’t miss this Sunday as we continue this powerful series. Also, if you are not currently in a Life Group you are lame!! (just kidding, but you are missing out on something huge!)

See you and a friend this weekend at The Fellowship!


God, Awaken Our Heart from The Fellowship on Vimeo.

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