Game Changer

This past weekend I started a new series I’m calling, “Don’t Waste Your Life” and I believe it can be a game changer for so many who are struggling.  You see you and I were created by God for a purpose… He actually has a plan for you!  

Sunday’s message was titled “Living with Urgency” and I asked a clarifying question, “If you knew you only had a short time to live, how would you live your life?”

Pretty deep.  The bible passage was Matthew 5:18-20, 24-26.

Here are several challenges for Living With Urgency

  • Take a Drastic Step.  Many times when we are re-evaluting our entire life and what’s important, a few settle changes aren’t enough.  We have to realize what’s important, stop worrying about things that won’t last, removes obstacles – decide whats’ really important and remove the rest!
  • Expect The Unexpected.  God’s plan may be different than mine.  Does God have permission to interrupt your life?
  • Create Space in Your Life for God.  I’m not talking about compartmentalizing, I’m talking about creating a time daily that you focus on your relationship with Christ.
  • Make The Change Now.  Don’t be a procrastinator, start now.  Urgency by definition means now.

So I encourage you to live your life like you only have a short time left.  Live your life in such a way that you have no regrets.  Live your life for Christ with a sense of urgency!

To watch the entire message click here:

I hope you will join us this week as we continue week #2 of this important series!


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